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”Arrive in style baby”

This beautiful 1960 American Cadillac Sedan De Ville has coachwork in the traditional wedding colour of White.  The Cadillac is an enormous luxury car with a wealth of chrome and will certainly be the centre of attention, after the Bride of course !  Originally from California USA but now based in Kent, this 7 feet wide and 20 feet in length automobile is totally original and is guaranteed to look stunning in the wedding album especially when decorated with traditional wedding ribbon and bows which can be colour coordinated to match your theme. With their high exaggerated fin tails and pillarless windows Cadillacs have long been known to be Hollywood celebrities favourite vehicle, especially in the 50’s and 60’s era when Bill Hailey Rocked around the Clock and Elvis was King.  In fact Elvis Presley loved Cadillacs and owned the exact same model as this one, so if was right for the King it should be the perfect transport for your wedding day.

Rates: From £250

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Features Exterior / Interior Colours: White / Blue & Grey Brocade Number of Passenger Seats: 2 Front, 3 Rear Passenger Seat Belts Fitted: 0 Front, 0 Rear Children & Babies 3 Years & Over

Cadillac Sedan De Ville